Sports Leaders News


   School Sports Days

6 OUT OF 9 Schools this year each requested help from the Sports Leaders for their Sports Day 2017. Some schools purely asking for volunteers to assist with a programme they have planned whilst some schools wanted the leaders to help plan the day also. A school Sports Day is a big showcase for a school so it is so pleasing to see them entrusting the services of the Sports leaders to provide the best day possible for the children. Schools that requested the Sports Leaders this year were; Waterthorpe Infants, Beighton Infants, Mosborough Primary, Reignhead Primary, Brook House Juniors and  Emmanuel Juniors.

At all of these events, the community and staff commented on the professionalism and maturity shown by our Sports Leaders. Particularly or newly selected students.

Waterthorpe Community Picnic

Waterthorpe is a school we have a very close relationship with. Each year we are asked to assist with their community picnic. Families associated with the school are encouraged to attend a big picnic on the school field. At this event, Westfield Sports Leaders run games and activities for all to get involved with. Once again, the 5 Sports Leaders who volunteered at this event were fantastic. They were enthusiastic, energetic and represented Westfield brilliantly.

  Family of Schools World Athletics Event

In celebration that the IAAF World Athletics Championships are in London this summer – we held our own World Championships involving 8 out of our 9 feeder  Schools. Each school to brought children to make a Y1-6 Athletics Team – represented  a country. Primary Schools brought children from their own year groups to make their team whilst Infants and Junior schools combined.

This was the first sporting event we have ever hosted that catered for Keys Stage 1 and 2, Years 1,2,3,4,5,6 ALL ON THE SAME NIGHT. It was amazing to see our schools come together in the way that they did and Westfield’s Sports Leaders were exemplary.

We had over 120 children taking part from all around our community, 16 Sports Leaders and over 80 parents watching. It was such a special event. Arguably the highlight of the year so far!


Y5 Kwik Cricket

The Westfield Kwik Cricket Festival is a well and truly established event dating back within our community for 10 years. This year, the event was incredibly well attended and the competition was hotly contested.

Prior to the event, the leaders who assisted with this event learnt basic coaching principles and officiating skills required to lead cricket for younger children. These leaders were integral in the festival the following week. The 5 schools brought teams to the festival which was held at Eckington CC. The leaders scored, umpired and officiated the festival. In addition they coached a school group. The day was held in glorious sunshine and was great fun for all involved. 

Year 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 School Games Orienteering

In some instances our Sports Leaders are called upon to assist with City competitions. This was one of this instances. Our Y11 Leaders were asked to help at a vast sports competition. Schools from all over Sheffield came to Westfield to take part in an Orienteering Competition. Organised on our school grounds, Westfield Sports Leaders were integral in collating scores and results and ensured the competition ran smoothly.

TY1 & Y2 Ball Skills Festival

In May we welcomed over 60 Y1/2s of some of our feeder schools to take part in a Ball Skills Festival. The young children were in teams and moved around a series of stations all working a range of ball skills. These ranged from basketball to hockey skills. All stations were led and scored by our leaders who did a brilliant job. It was a fantastic event and as ever it was extremely well attended. Once again, for so many of the leaders involved, it was their first event as a Sports Leader, they were professional, enthusiastic and just did a fantastic job. 

Y3 & Y4 BISI Badminton Festival

We’ve once again hosted a brilliant BISI Badminton festival.  In early April we hosted a Festival for Y3/4s from our family of schools and over 60 children attended. Our leaders were responsible for setting up and leading a series of stations all working different badminton skills. All stations were led and scored by leaders and each of them did a fantastic job. This festival really does showcase Westfield in its best light. This event was also the first event for many of our newly selected Sports Leaders who were brilliant.

Community Dance Show

The Westfield Dance Show is now well and truly fixed on the Westfield calendar. As ever Mrs Palethorpe did an amazing job! The night saw an array of talent on show from both two of our primary schools(Reignhead and Mosborough) right through to Y11 and styles ranging from ballet to contemporary. The night couldn’t be the success it is though without the effort of the Westfield Sports Leaders who willingly give up their evening to make the evening run smoothly. Each year they do the thankless tasks like serving drinks, selling refreshments, taking charity donations and welcoming parents. They are a valued part of the evening. Special thanks also goes to Mr Gardiner who stepped in to MC on the microphone that evening.

   Points Network Games 2017 — A Huge Event

As mentioned in previous reports – Westfield are proud members of the Points Learning Network. The Network is made up of 5 secondary schools and in turn their feeder schools that surround them. The pinnacle of the Points Sporting Calendar is Points Network Games in April.

All of the primary schools in Network are welcome to bring a class to the games held at the English Institute of Sport where after taking part in an Opening Ceremony, they compete against each other in 13 different events. This event takes place over 2 days and is the biggest event our Sports Leaders are involved in with regards to sheer numbers.

Westfield and our community were extremely well represented at the games as 7 of our feeders schools attended. In all over 1400 children were present. It was really pleasing to see 10 of our Y10 Sports Leaders who volunteering at the event. The leaders had complete responsibility to run one of the 13 activities and score each team. They were absolutely unbelievable. 

In With The New But A Farewell To A Special Group

The ‘last leaders meeting’ is always an evening that the Y11s look forward to and dread in equal measure. It is a night to look back over old photographs and past memories but is also a night to say farewells and realise the end is near for their time at Westfield. In May, we said our final farewell to our Y11 Leaders by watching a DVD showcasing their highlights.

As the door closes for one group of leaders though, it opens for a new cohort. Westfield have created a culture the PE department are proud of in the sense that beings selected to be a Sports Leader is a huge achievement.

This year’s selected students have been nominated by their PE teachers because of their incredible commitment to school sport and the potential they have in inspiring others. The PE department have full faith that they will maintain the extremely high standards that we have set for themselves.