About Us

About Us

Westfield is a large secondary school with approximately 1400 students on roll. We are located in the south-eastern suburbs of Sheffield at the centre of our community and catchment area.

Constructed in 2007 the facilities at Westfield are excellent. A large central atrium leads off into the wings of teaching rooms, each dedicated to a separate faculty. In addition to our 25m swimming pool the school has excellent sports facilities including a full size all weather pitch. After a large investment in new technologies the school is very well equipped for both networked and wireless ICT.

We have formed strong partnerships with the family of schools and we are working to ensure high quality provision from early years through to when students leave Westfield. More details can be found on our family of schools website: www.westfieldfamily.org

Outside of lessons there is a very wide range of enrichment and extension activities. In addition to the full range of extra-curricular activity many of our students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and the use of our residential centre in the Lake District.

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