Welcome to Westfield


Westfield is an 11-16 comprehensive school with over 1240 students on roll. We are located in the south-eastern suburbs of Sheffield at the centre of our catchment area and enjoy excellent modern facilities.

We believe in providing a balanced and inclusive education that enables all students to thrive. Although we are a large school, the talents and aspirations of all individual learners are developed to ensure everyone leaves skilled and qualified for the next steps in life.We have clear and high expectations of all students at Westfield and in return will always reward hard work, commitment and progress.

We view positive partnerships with students, parents and the wider community as key factors in ensuring high achievement and rapid progress.

We have formed strong partnerships with our family of schools and we are currently working to ensure high quality provision from early years through to when students leave Westfield. More details can be found on our family of schools website at www.westfieldfamily.org.

Roisin Paul (Executive Head)

Joe Birkbeck (Head of School)